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Cost of Attendance

The following figures represent estimated costs at SMSU for two semesters during the 2023-2024 academic year and are used for determining financial aid eligibility only.

SMSU does NOT charge out of state tuition

(with very few exceptions)

Undergraduate Costs: For this example, tuition and fee costs are based on tuition banding. Students enrolled in 12 - 18 credits will have the same tuition and fee charges. Housing and Meal costs are based on the average cost of housing on campus and the super plus meal plan (For undergraduate students, Full time is 12 credits or more; Three Quarter time is 9 to 11 credits; Half time is 6 to 8 credits, and Less Than Half time is 3 - 5 credits.)

Graduate Costs: Tuition and Fee costs are based on an average of 9 credits per semester for on-campus courses. (For graduate students, Full time is 9 credits or more; Three Quarter time is 7 or 8 credits; Half time is 5 or 6 credits, and Less Than Half time is 3 or 4 credits.)

Tuition and Fee costs
Name Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition & Fees $10,304 $10,350
Housing and Food  10,666 9,000
Books, Materials, Supplies, Equipment 1,200 1,200
Transportation, Personal Expenses, Loan fees 3,542 1,790
Total $25,712 $22,340

This does not mean that every undergraduate student must have $25,712 in order to attend SMSU. Tuition and fee rates for full time (12 to 18 credits) undergraduate students will be approximately $10,304 for the year. The majority of the graduate students do not carry a full-time load all year, so their tuition and fee rates will be lower than indicated above.

Housing and Meal costs can vary. For budgeting purposes the Financial Aid Office will base a students housing and meal costs on $10,666 This applies to students who are living on and off-campus (not with parents). Students who are living with parents will have a budget reduction of $1,800 for the year.

Books, materials, supplies and equipment are estimated at $600 per semester or $1,200 for the year.

Transportation, and personal living expenses are estimated at $3,542 and include such things as transportation, pizza, movies, etc. Each student has different spending patterns, thus miscellaneous expenses will vary.

Estimating undergraduate charges at SMSU for one semester:

Working through the details below will help you to estimate your direct costs for one semester. Direct costs include tuition, fees and housing and meal costs (if the student is living on campus). Books and supplies are direct expenses, but are not billed through SMSU.

Estimating Charges
Name Total
Tuition and Fees (at 12-18 credits) $5,152
Housing and Food Estimate   5,333
Total Direct Costs $10,485
Books, materials, supplies and equipment (Approximate Cost for Undergraduate Students)     600
Total Estimated Charge for One Semester $11,085

Students can access their actual charges at:
Click on Menu
Enter your STAR ID and PIN
Click on Bills and Payment

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