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Parent/Family Information

What you need to know

…the SMSU Financial Aid Office is here to help your son/daughter attain their post-secondary educational goals. WE CARE!

…it is imperative that your son/daughter be involved in the entire financial aid process – from the application through offers and disbursement. The Financial Aid Office will contact the student with any questions that may arise. The student needs to understand what types of aid they have and know what loans they are applying for.

…the Financial Aid Office can provide general information to anyone. However, to provide specific information about your son/daughter’s financial aid application/offer a release of information must be submitted by the student via SouthwestNet indicating those individuals we can discuss their confidential information with. This policy meets the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal and State Privacy Act (FERPA and MGDPA).

General Information

How do we apply for Financial Aid?

What types of Financial Aid are available?

How much will it cost?

How does the work study program work?

How do we apply for Federal Direct Loans?

How do we apply for a Parent Loan (PLUS)?

What If I'm not eligible for a PLUS Loan? 

How do we apply for Private Education Loans in my son/daughter’s name

Timetable - beginning with senior year in high school

September– Plan to attend a local Financial Aid Information Night with your son/daughter. Information nights are held in most areas in October - December. Check with your high school or college/university in your area.

October – Student and one parent should apply for an FSA ID at This FSA ID will be used every year to apply for financial aid. It will serve as an electronic signature for the FAFSA and other documents.  Complete your FAFSA online at   Include the SMSU school code, 002375 in the school section.

January – Make certain that the student has completed and submitted all Financial Aid application forms and other requested documents.

February/March– Financial Aid Offers will be sent to students who have been accepted by the SMSU Admission Office and have all Financial Aid applications complete. The letter will instruct the student to view their  offer on the SMSU e-services link. Students should review all information on the offer, submit their response and complete loan applications. Determine whether or not additional funding will be required to cover costs for the year.

June – Notify the Financial Aid Office of new scholarships awarded to the student from their high school or local clubs and organizations.

July – Student should decide if they will be accepting loans they are eligible for and complete the application process.

The SMSU Business Office will send the student a postcard notifying them that they can view their charges under My Account on the e-services website. No paper bills will be sent to the student.

August – Fall semester has arrived. Students must make adjustments to their fall course schedule by the end of the fifth day of courses. Financial Aid that is accepted will be automatically applied to student accounts – this includes grants, scholarships and processed loan funds.

September – do you still have your FSA ID? If not, you may have to look it up at . Begin preparing for the next financial aid application cycle.

Never hesitate to contact the SMSU Financial Aid Office at 507-537-6281 or 1-800-642-0684.  We are here to assist you and your student.

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