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New Aid Applicant

We request that you use your SMSU e-mail address on all Financial Aid Applications.

1. Apply for your FSA ID

Each student (and at least one parent if you are a dependent student) must apply for a FSA ID. The FSA ID will be used to log in to US Department of Education Websites including the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) website.

You may create your FSA ID by going to STUDENTAID.GOV.  Carefully read all of the information on this web site. Your FSA ID should be kept in a safe confidential location. You will use this username and password each year you apply for financial aid.

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2. Complete the FAFSA

The next step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at By completing the FAFSA, you are applying for all types of Federal and State financial assistance, including grants, work-study and loans.

We recommend that you file the FAFSA electronically. if at all possible. If you are unable to file your FAFSA electronically, you must complete and mail the paper version of the form. You may obtain a paper FAFSA by contacting your high school guidance counselor or printing one from the FAFSA site. Whichever application you use, be sure to carefully follow all instructions and apply only once.

You will need your Federal Income Tax Information for the appropriate year and FSA ID  to complete the FAFSA on line. 

3. Additional Documents

If we need any additional information to process your application we will contact you. 

NOTE: You must be an admitted student at SMSU to receive a Financial Aid Offer.

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