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Communication Studies FAQs



How do I change or declare a major?

You can change or declare a major or minor in communication studies by completing the online form found at this link on the Registration and Records office webpage.  

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How do I change my advisor?

You can change your advisor by visiting the Registration and Records office in IL 148.  They will share a form with you that you can take to your new advisor for a signature.  If you don't have a specific person in mind to be your advisor, one will be assigned for you by the program coordinator.  You have the right to change your advisor whenever you like.  All faculty understand and will support your desire to change advisors. Please don't feel that your advisor will feel slighted if you decide to shift to another professor--they will understand.  You can also have more than one advisor listed if you like.  The Registration and Records office can assist you with this.

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Who do I see about getting and internship approved?

First, you should visit with your advisor about the internship opportunity.  He or she will direct you to speak with the Communication Studies Program Coordinator who will discuss the internship policy with you and will go through all the paperwork you need to complete with your internship site and advisor in order to have the internship approved.

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