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Comm. Studies Scholarships

A. BurmesterThe SMSU Communication Studies program would like to congratulate our 2021-22 Scholarship recipients:

Gail Fokken Forensic Scholarship:  Stephen Zimmer
Comm. Studies and Forensic Scholarship:  Devyn Halvorson and Jenna Zeug
Forensic Team Scholarship:  Alex Duus, Nedoh Gyi, Jas Prokott, and Jenna Zeug
Richard Baun Scholarship:  Alex Duus, Trevor Groebner, Austin Sommervold, Zach Spear and Jackie Wisinski
University Gala Scholarship:  Trevor Groebner, Margot Pearson, Isatu Shirek, Zach Spear, Sarah Spieker, and Darren Winkelman



 The Communication Studies Program awards scholarships to deserving students on an annual basis.  Some scholarships are specific to a major or discipline within the program and others are awarded to any major.  The following scholarships are available:

     Richard A. Baun Memorial Radio & Television Scholarship

     Communication Studies and Forensics Scholarship

     Fine Arts Gala Scholarship

     Jerry Marquardt Memorial Scholarship

     Gail M. Fokken Forensics Scholarship

You can learn more about these scholarships and the award criteria by clicking on the corresponding link at the left hand side of the window.


The deadline to receive priority consideration for scholarships is generally February 15th.  Application review will begin at that time and continue until all scholarships are awarded.


To apply for any of these scholarships, complete the online application form that is available through the AcademicWorks scholarship application system.  This platform allows you to apply for all SMSU scholarships with one application.  When applying make sure you indicate which scholarships for which you would like to be considered.



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