Communication Studies

Contact Information:
Dept.:  Fine Arts and Communication
Office: Fine Arts 207
Phone: 537-7103

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Communication Studies program is to provide high quality liberal arts, professional and technical education to majors, minors and all students of the university.  The program is committed to maintaining vital student activities that afford students the opportunity to hone their skills in communication through co-curricular involvement.  The program is also dedicated to providing outreach and service in the area of Communication Studies to SMSU's region.


The Program supports a variety of majors and minors to prepare students for careers in communication. Majors in the program include Communication Studies, Communication Arts and Literature-Secondary Education (Communication Studies Emphasis), Communication Studies: Broadcasting and Digital Media, and Communication Studies: Public Relations. Minors offered by the program include Communication Studies, Filmmaking, Health Communications, Public Relations, and Communication Studies/Theatre Arts. A Communication Arts and Literature major when coupled with professional education requirements leads to teacher licensure by the State of Minnesota. The philosophy of the Communication Studies Program emphasizes student initiative, creativity, and responsible involvement. Classes are structured to provide a solid philosophical, historical, theoretical, and practical basis for the discipline selected. A grade of “C-” or better is required for major/minor coursework applied toward a degree from the Communication Studies Program. All students who complete a major/minor are required to maintain a portfolio of their communication coursework throughout their years of study and present the portfolio as part of the program's on-going assessment efforts in the Senior Seminar course.

The programs sponsors many extracurricular and co-curricular activities which are open to all students regardless of their major. Southwest Minnesota State University communication studies graduates can be found in teaching, broadcasting, theatre, public relations, business, law, and all walks of life where the ability to communicate is essential.

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