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Essentials of Speaking and Listening: Resources Page

Welcome to the College Now Essentials of Speaking and Listening Resource Page!

The materials here are for your use in teaching COMM 110: Essentials of Speaking and Listening. Always communicate with your supervising professor to ensure they endorse the supplementary materials and content since every professor may operate slightly differently.  This page is maintained by Professor Mark Fokken.  If you have any suggestions for how this page might be improved or would like to share resources with others in the program, please contact him at

We have a old PDF copy of the Teacher's Edition of "A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking" (2nd edition), but we are currently using the sixth edition, so please make sure your class copies are up to date.

Link to the 2022 COMM 110 Summer Workshop Recording

Course Exit Survey

As part of the Communication Studies Program's ongoing assessment effort, all students who complete the Essentials of Speaking and Listening course should fill out an exit survey at that is found at this link.  This survey is in addition to the general College Now survey that students should complete (both surveys can be found under the surveys tab on the left side of this page).

COMM 110 Student Exit Survey

Supplementary Materials

The following are provided to help you to come up with a variety of ways to best met your students needs. Some were created by the program, some came from a variety of academic resources, and some came from the excellent teachers we work with -- they all gave permission for us  to use them in this way.  If you have something that you think works particularly well, send it to your Speech mentor and we'll include it here!

COVID-19 Precautions and Accommodations

For the 2020-21 academic year, some accommodations were made to assignments due to the need for distance learning and hybrid instruction.  While some schools may continue with masking and limited distance learning in subsequent terms, they should be able to fulfill the requirements indicated in the COMM 110 syllabus and teaching handbook.  If you have a unique circumstance in your school which might necessitate accommodations, please communicate with your mentor and they will relay your request to the Comm. Studies Program for consideration.

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