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Mentoring Faculty Resources

The SMSU College Now program views mentoring as a partnership between two people that supports a professional and personal development approach in which an experienced person assists another in developing skills and knowledge.  A mentor gives advice, encouragement, support, and leads by example through his/her expertise in a subject, a skill, departmental, and institutional knowledge.

This page is designed to provide mentors with information to facilitate their job and to understand expectations around their mentoring role within College Now. This page can also serve to inform cooperating high schools of what to expect from their SMSU mentoring faculty member.


Faculty Mentor Handbook – The Faculty Mentor Handbook provides details regarding the expectations and responsibilities of our faculty mentors within College Now.


Course Checklist – The College Now Course Checklist is sent out each semester to the faculty mentors.  This list will include the specific courses that are assigned to each individual mentor.  A blank copy of that checklist is available here if needed for any reason.


Classroom Visit Form – Classroom visits are required of every course offered during the school year.  Once a visit is completed, please use this e-form to submit a report of your observations within the classroom.  This should be submitted within two weeks of the classroom visit.  A hard copy of this form is available here if you prefer that format.  The completed form can be submitted to the Director of Concurrent Enrollment.

  • For additional information on best practices in site visits, see NACEP issue brief: The Classroom Visit.
  • Successful visits should include clear expectations for the concurrent enrollment instructor prior to the visit, as well as follow-up feedback to the instructor directly or shortly after the visit.


Expense Reports – Faculty are reimbursed for their travel for in-person classroom visits.  Please refer to the Business Services Travel Authorization website for a blank copy of the expense report, updated travel expectations, reimbursement rates, and a full explanation of policy and procedures regarding travel.  Expense reports should be submitted within two weeks of the in-person classroom visit.  If submitted more than two months after the date of travel, they will be subject to tax withholdings.  All expenses must be submitted by June 30th of that academic year.


Workshop Tracker Forms – These tracker forms are used to help keep track of high school teacher attendance at the New Teacher Orientation session and the Professional Development session during the annual College Now Summer Workshop.

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