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Student Appeal

The appeal process is for students who are interested in taking a course through College Now but do not meet the set requirements for eligibility.  Below are the items we will need to receive in order to complete the Student Appeal Process:

  1. A completed, online Student Appeal form
  2. A personal letter from the student
  3. A Student Appeal Reference Form completed by a teacher and/or administrator
  4. High school transcripts (must include grades for the most recent semester/trimester/quarter completed at the high school).

 The student appeal form, personal letter, reference form, and high school transcript are due to the College Now Director based on the following schedule:

Courses Starting in Fall Semester:

The preferred submission date of appeal paperwork for fall semester courses is June 30th.  However, appeals will be accepted through the first 5 days of the course at the high school.

***All Fall semester appeals must include completed transcript from the previous school year.  Partial transcripts will not be reviewed.

Courses Starting in Spring Semester:

Submit appeal paperwork upon completion of the previous semester/quarter.  Updated grades/rank should be included on the transcript if at all possible.

***All appeal paperwork must be submitted prior to the 5th day of the high school course.  Under no circumstances will a late appeal be considered for college credit.

 If you have any questions about this process, please contact Jessica Mensink at or 507-537-6390.

Last Modified: 3/25/20 9:32 AM