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College Now Course Videos

To assist our College Now students, we have developed two separate videos to answer some of their most common questions.  The introduction video should be shown during the first few weeks of our College Now courses.  The end-of-course video should be shown during the last few weeks of our courses.
College Now Introduction Video
Students often have questions when first starting their College Now courses.  This video is intended to answer some of those questions.  In this video, students will learn about the registration process, drop and withdrawal process, grading process, overall expectations, and student services available to our students.
College Now End-of-Course Video
This video is designed to help answer some of the important questions students have after they have completed a College Now course.  It includes information on how to check course grades, when grades will be posted, how to request a transcript, how credits will transfer, and how to keep a StarID account active.
If students have additional questions, they are encouraged to contact our College Now Office.
Jessica Mensink
Director of Concurrent Enrollment
Ellie Ahmann
Assistant Director of College Now/PSEO

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