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A portfolio usually isn’t required for graduate school admission, but it’s never a bad idea to have a compilation of your work put together. Online portfolios are the easiest and most accessible way to show your work. You can include the link to your portfolio on your resume or in your personal statement if it’s appropriate.

Portfolios are an extension of you so they should reflect your professional goals. Your portfolio should have a goal or objective, whether or not that is stated. Portfolios can be aimed towards finding a job, finding an internship, or attending graduate school. The theme of your portfolio will drive the content of your portfolio.

You can choose whether your portfolio is more traditional or if it’s going to be a little out of the box. Depending on your theme and goal, you should decide on one or the other. Remember who you audience is and whether or not they will appreciate traditional or super creative. If you can find a way to do it, you can certainly marry the two somewhere in the middle.

Online Portfolio Examples

These portfolios are actual portfolios created by former PWC students. You will see that each portfolio has a different theme and/or purpose, but each is effective in its own way. All of the portfolios were created using Google Sites.

Dan Gilland portfolio
Kylie Jacobsen portfolio
Aubrey Wood portfolio

Online Portfolio websites

Google Sites
Google Sites is probably the easiest, free website you will be able to find. You can customize the website to look the way you want. It can be time-consuming, but it can really make you stand out if your portfolio looks original.

eFolio Minnesota
The eFolio Minnesota website is available for any Minnesota resident or student attending a MnSCU university. eFolio has less customization options, but has professional and educational resources that Google Sites doesn’t provide.

SpeckyBoy’s 8 Amazing Free Online Creative Portfolio Community Sites
This article includes eight different free online portfolio websites. These websites might be a little more untraditional than Google Sites or eFolio Minnesota.

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