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English Program Testimonials

“Having worked in three completely different industries (engineering, philanthropy, and health care), I truly believe the PWC major has been a major contributor to my success in each. The exposure to a variety of professional documents and disciplines while in school made me adaptable when switching industries, job titles, or learning new technology. I would highly recommend the PWC major to anyone interested in writing or communication in a professional setting.”

          Janna Dorman, 2012 PWC Graduate

          Graduate School: MA from Iowa State University in Rhetoric, Composition, & Professional Communication
          completed in 2014

         Employed: Senior Web-based Training Developer at Allina Health

“I can't say enough good things about SMSU's PWC program. It is thorough, well-structured, and supervised by top-notch faculty members. They teach practical, applicable classes that prepare graduates for success in a variety of disciples. The skills I developed as a PWC student enabled me to attend the grad school of my choice and be the top candidate for jobs in a variety of fields, including mechanical engineering, healthcare, and nutrition. If you want a successful career in professional writing or communication, the PWC program is the way to go.”

Aubrey Wood, 2012 PWC Graduate

Graduate School: MA from Auburn University in Professional & Technical Communication completed in 2014

Employed: Managing Editor at Authority Nutrition

"I am grateful for the range of coursework I was able to take as a PWC major at SMSU. I was exposed to different areas of technical communication and was prepared to explore those topics more in depth in graduate school."

Kylie Jacobson, 2011 PWC graduate

"I would not be so comfortable and confident at my current job if I didn't have the strong ability to processes and disseminate complex technical information that I gained from my time at SMSU."

Kathryn Stromme, 2013 PWC graduate

"The professors (in PWC and the whole English department) spent time with me one-on-one and connected me with opportunities to build a body of work that helped me start my career."

Dan Gilland, 2012 PWC graduate

“100 percent of the PWC alumni agreed that the PWC program prepared them for their degree.”

“100 percent of the graduates entering the work force immediately after graduation agreed they were prepared for a career in professional writing.” 

“To date, all PWC graduates are employed or have received funding to pursue advanced degrees.”

          PWC Major Self-Study Report, Drs. Henning and Bemer

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