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Pay attention to what kind of transcript each school wants. Some only require an unofficial transcript until you’ve been admitted. Other schools may request official transcripts be sent to both the graduate school and the English department.

For instructions on accessing an unofficial or official transcript, see the instructions below.

Unofficial Transcripts

The easiest way to create an unofficial transcript is to use e-Services.

  1. Log into e-Services.
  2. Click on Grades and Transcripts.
  3. Click on Academic Record.
  4. Make sure the Chronological option is selected and click Get Academic Record.
  5. Click on Text Copy of this Academic Record (Located on the top of the page).
  6. Copy and paste this into a Word document.
  7. Adjust the right and left margins to 0.8 and adjust as necessary.

You can now save as a Word doc or as a PDF and submit this as an unofficial transcript.

Official Transcripts

You must request official transcripts from the Registration Office. You can do this online or by going to the Registration Office. Note there is an extra $2.25 handling fee to request transcripts online.

Make sure you know where and whom you are sending the official transcripts to; you will need the address when requesting transcripts.

Click here for information about sending official transcripts.

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