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Campus Network

The Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) campus network is comprised of numerous components that work together to support all our diverse campus communities: faculty, staff, students, and guests. Below are links with explanations tailored to each group's specific needs and interests.

  • Eduroam is a secure global wireless access service for the educational and research community that is offered across Minnesota State colleges and universities. Minnesota State students and employees can use their StarID credentials ( or to access Eduroam when visiting participating institutions including all Minnesota State campuses. 


  • Faculty and staff by nature of their office location will all have wired access to the network for their university issued primary workstation (e.g., desktop, laptop)In addition, wireless access is also available for any University issued portable devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, phones) and personal devices used on campus.


  • SMSU campus guests can access the campus Guest network using the SMSU Network OnRamp tool. Instructions are available below. Alternatively, guests may utilize pre-arranged "sponsored accounts" provided by the office or department hosting their event. Account information, if applicable, will be directly shared with you by the event organizer. 


  • Within academic buildings and common areas like the Student Center, students have primary access to the campus wireless network for their devices. This secure network is available to all personal devices used on campus, fostering an inclusive and connected learning environment. 




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