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Campus Network

Internet Guardian Information

Internet Guardian is a service that will help protect the campus community from various internet threats including phishing attempts and accidental downloads of malicious software like malware.  The service will mostly be invisible to the campus community except for those times that a user clicks on a malicious link or visits a web page identified as containing malicious software.

The service will not protect against all security threats so there will be a need to continue good computing security habits.

As part of this service, there is now an Anti-Phishing & Anti Junk Mail tool that can be used to report phishing e-mails. Please click on Anti-Phishing & Anti Junk Mail Tool for instructions on how to report phishing emails.  Please use this tool to help us increase our level of protection.

For more information regarding this service, please read the Internet Guardian FAQ.

Settings for Wired and Wireless Network on Campus

The SMSU campus has both wired and wireless coverage. Wireless coverage uses “Wifi 6 (802.11ax)” . This coverage is available campus wide which includes the Residential Halls and Residential Apartments, though signal strength does depend on your location.

In our Residence Halls, there are CAT5e (ethernet) jacks on either side of the room for wired network access. One side will have two jacks, but only the top jack is live. The bottom jack is disconnected and will not work. If you cannot get internet when plugged into the wall, contact the TRC Helpdesk so that your connection can be tested by our network support staff.

Mustang Laptop

Wireless Network:

Students, Faculty and Staff will use SMSU Network OnRamp when connecting to the wireless internet for the first time. This network is a tool that will configure your machine to access the SMSU wireless network, which will be the network you will use. Also due to interference issues only 5Ghz is enabled in the Residence Halls and only devices that support 5Ghz would connect to the wireless network.

Please click below for helpful documents on SMSU Network OnRamp setup procedures. 

Wired Network:

Connect your computer to the ethernet jack, and open your internet browser. It should tell you that the site isn't trusted (in which case, just select 'I Understand the Risks') or it will bring you straight to the onramp login page. Login using your StarID, and it will then prompt you to download. Do so, and then make sure your Windows Updates and Anti-Virus are updated completely. For more information, visit our Student Computers page.

Guest Wireless

Guest will also use SMSU Network OnRamp, and select the Guest network during setup.

SMSU WiFi for Guests

Residential Halls:

Residents can log onto the SMSU Wired or Wireless Networks. When logging onto either the SMSU Wired or Wireless Networks in the Residential Halls or Residential Apartments, students must use their StarID Username (example: ab1234cd) and their password.

Academic Buildings:

When logging onto the SMSU Wireless Network in the Academic Buildings, students must use their StarID Username (example: ab1234cd) and their password.

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