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Student Assistance

Information for Students

The information contained under the tabs to the left under the Student Assistance heading provides students with a wide range of information regarding information technology resources available at SMSU. ITS strives to update this information on an ongoing basis as changes are implemented with our various services. Examples include information regarding usernames & passwords, accessing the campus network, campus computer labs, recommendations on student owned computers, student e-mail and printing.

Students Pc Use

It is critical for effective use of technology resources at SMSU to become familiar with the concepts of StarID and TechID (MustangID). Information on those terms is provided below. Also, information is provided for students on steps to pursue should you have a name change.                                                               

Star ID

Your StarID gives you access to all of these features and more:

  • Campus computers, printers and scanners
  • Online access to your courses schedule
  • Your SMSU e-mail account
  • A wireless network that covers every building on campus
  • Online courses through D2L Brightspace
  • Software downloads that offered for current students

Many of these features are accessible off campus through the SMSU website.

SMSU also provides support to help you make the most of our technology.

SMSU Technology Services Guide - Student Edition

Useful Terms

These are some related terms you will want to be familiar with:

Tech ID (Mustang ID): Your Tech ID is the eight-digit Student ID number found on your Mustang Card ID. This is an identification number in ISRS (student record system).
StarID: A StarID is a username and associated password that provide access to SMSU’s computing network and technology resources, including e-mail, and course-related services.

Name Changes

If you are a student and you have changed your legal name, please be sure to contact the Registration Office (507-537-6206) to change your name in the SMSU directory.

After changing your name with the Registration Office, you will need to contact the TRC if you want your name change to reflect on our SMSU email. Your StarID will not be changed.

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