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Meet the TRC Students

The Technology Resource Center employs student workers who play a crucial role in its operations. These student workers collaborate closely with the Information Technology department, providing essential support and assistance to the entire campus community.


Tayyaba Rehman - Graduate Assistant

Tayyaba Rehman is an Information Technology Services GA at the Technology Resource Center (TRC). She is a Project Manager with a Bachelors degree in IT Majors in Telecom, Masters of Science in Project Management, a PMP and she is currently pursuing her MBA.


Oluwabori Ale - Graduate Assistant

Oluwabori Ale is an Information Technology Services GA at the Technology Resource Center (TRC). Oluwabori is a business major and enjoys listening to music and playing soccer.  

Student Workers


Ble Michela N'Guessan - Tech Level 2

Ble Michela N'Guessan, usually called Michela, is an Applied Computational Mathematics and Computer Science double major. She enjoys learning interesting and challenging things in general, and she is also interested in music production, behavioral sciences, and architecture. 


Jonah Nielsen - Tech Level 2

Jonah Nielsen is a computer science major, he enjoys playing basketball, video games, hiking and spending time with friends and family. 


Moiz Noorani - Tech Level 2

Moiz Noorani is a Computer Science major. He enjoys playing and watching basketball, watching Sports, anime, and hanging out with friends. 


Soren Rothstein - Tech Level 2

Soren Rothstein is a Chemistry major. He enjoys long boarding, playing video games and drawing. 


Henok Wossen Asfaw - Tech Level 2

Henok Asfaw (usually called Henny) is a Computer Science Major who is also going for a data science minor. He primarily enjoys playing the piano alongside the guitar. He is a soccer fan who is fun to hang around with. 


Ogochukwu Chudi-Igwe - Tech Level 2

Ogochukwu Chudi-Igwe is a computer science major with a business minor. She enjoys watching marvel movies, hiking and cooking. 


Abenezer Tefera - Tech Level 2

Abenezer Tefera is a Computer Science major and a Data Science minor. Solving puzzles is my therapy, and I am constantly seeking the next challenge.

Habtamu Gashaw - Tech Level 1

Habtamu Gashaw is a computer science major who enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and swimming whenever he has free time. 


Nawaf Afrasiyab - Tech Level 1

Nawaf Afrasiyab is a Data Science Major. Nawaf enjoys gaming, sleeping, and hanging out with friends.

Ashton Moyo - Tech Level 1

Ashton Moyo is a Computer Science major and enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite.

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