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Strategic Plan

SMSU ITS Strategic Plan and Organizational Chart

There is little dispute that information technology has become an integral aspect of higher education. In many ways it is transforming the core activities of colleges and universities. SMSU is no different than any other academic institution in this regard. As a result, it is imperative that sound strategic planning for how information technology resources will be developed and deployed is essential for the long-term success of the University. This need is exceedingly important in an era of limited financial resources that are available for public higher education institutions. Information technology resources are critical for such areas as innovation in instruction, business process enhancement, data-driven decision making and enhanced communications services among others.

To support the information technology services strategic plan development, SMSU’s Information Technology Services (SMSU ITS) department engaged in a multi-year process focused on obtaining input from across the University community. The local feedback has been supplemented by extensive efforts among SMSU ITS staff to assess the general state of information technology trends and directions—specifically those trends and directions within higher education.

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