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Memorial Garden

Cathy Cowan Memorial Garden    

This garden, dedicated to the memory of Psychology Professor Cathy Cowan, is in the Social Science courtyard adjacent to the front door of the Social Science Building. The garden was established in 2002 and is sustained through contributions from faculty, staff and benefactors.     

 Celebrating Women's History - 100 Years of Votes for Womenwinning vote sign


First signs of spring in the garden!img_20170404_164025.jpg


April Snowimg_20170410_163234-003.jpg

 Cathy's Gardencathys garden sign with flowers


                                  Carmello's CornerCarmello's corner  

                                Gabriel's TrumpetsGabriel's Trumpets                              

                                The Garden in SpringGarden in Spring    


                               The Garden in Summer                               Garden in Summer 2014

                      Garden in Summer                                          Pretty blooming flowers

                             The Garden in Fall                                              pretty purple flowers                           Garden Fall 2014

                      Fall 2014

                              The Garden in Winter                        Garden in winter

                               Beautiful Garden Scenes                               flowers                    Flowers and fountain                                                           

         Memorial Garden beautiful flowers surrounding the fountains    

                       Back view of the garden

                        garden picture

                        garden scene

                                                             Morning Glories                                    Morning Glories

                                                        The Fountain                                                The Fountain

                                                   Garden a few years ago       

  A big "Thank You" to Joan Gittens for all of her hard work and contributions in keeping the garden beautiful!

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