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Bachelor of Science: Educational Studies (non-licensure)

What is an Educational Studies degree?

  • The coursework included in the Educational Studies non-licensure program is intended to provide the knowledge base for working with students from Birth to age 18 in a variety of settings.
  • Graduates in Educational Studies will be prepared for careers in Head Start, working with youth organizations such as Boys Club/Girls Club, 4-H, YMCA, Scouting, etc.
  • The program does not prepare candidates for teacher licensure, does not require admission to the Teacher Education Program and does not include Student Teaching.

What can you expect from a degree in Educational Studies?

  • A balanced, well rounded curriculum focusing on understanding and meeting the needs of all the children in your program.
  • Methods of cultivating and maintaining positive and collaborative relationships with children.
  • Professional guidelines for successful interaction with families, the community, other educators and professionals.
  • Experience in developing creative, inclusive, and appropriate programs for children.
  • An understanding of the foundations of education and special education and their classroom application.

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