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Secondary/K-12 Education

About the Program

The School of Education, in cooperation with other academic fields, offers several licensure programs to prepare for teaching in junior high or high school.  Some licensure fields include an elementary component, as well.  These programs lead toward a B.S. degree in the discipline, including approximately thirty credits of professional education courses.  Students with an interest in Secondary/K-12 teaching may make formal application for admission during the last semester of their sophomore year.  There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.8 in entry level professional education coursework from all colleges and universities attended, plus other requirements, including individual department GPA requirements.  Other information on requirements and applying to the The Teacher Preparation Program can be found on the School of Education website.  Persons with previous degrees and/or current licensure interested in adding a licensure field or endorsement may request a transcript review at any time.

Secondary Education, grades 5-12 & 9-12

K-12 Education

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Secondary 5-12 or K-12 licensure fields most often want to teach in a middle school or high school classroom.  They sometimes choose to apply for substitute teaching or parochial school teaching.  Other graduates find satisfying positions working with children and families in community education and youth organizations.

Required Education Courses


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