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Required Secondary/K12 Education Courses

Bachelor of Science: Secondary/K-12 Education

I. Required Courses for all Secondary Education Majors

Students need to take the following courses before being admitted to the education program (recommended taking them during freshman year)

  1. ED 101 Introduction to Education and Lab (3 credits)
  2. ED 102 Technology: Classroom Applications and Portfolio (2 credits) 

Students can take the following courses after being admitted to the education program.

  1. ED 301 The Teaching and Learning Process and Lab (3 credits)
  2. ED 304 Professional Development and Classroom Applications (1 credit)
  3. ED 430 Reading in the Content Areas (2 credits)
  4. ED 46X K-12 Student Teaching and Seminar (12 credits)-one semester; single or double majors may be accommodated in one semester

Students may take the following courses anytime over the course of their education career.

  1. PSYC 341 Child and Adolescent Psychology (3 credits)  Prerequisite: PSYC 101
  2. SPED 290 Introduction to Special Needs and Lab (3 credits)
  3. SOCI 212 Human Relations  (3 credits)

II. The Following Link will take students to their desired field.

Advising Guides

III. SMSU Academic Catalog

For more information on any of the classes listed above or any classes required for your major please refer to the following link.
SMSU Academic Catalog






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