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Post-Graduate Master Program

Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL)

K-12 Principal Emphasis

Off-Campus Graduate Program Advising Guide
Southwest Minnesota State University

Core Courses (27 Credits)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
ED 670 Introduction to Leadership and Educational Issues 3 F1
ED 674 Education Systems and Organizations 3 F1
ED 675 Legal Issues and Special Education Law 3 F1
ED 676 Data Driven Decision Making 3 Sp1
ED 678 Leadership for Cultural Responsiveness 3 F2
ED 679 Financial and Resource Management 3 Sp2
ED 681 Transforming Principals & Perspectives 3 F2
ED 691 Change Agents in the 21st Century 3 Sp2
ED 695 Supervision and School Relationships 3 Sp1

Portfolio Courses (3 Credits)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
ED 671 Portfolio Development 1 Su
ED 672 Portfolio Implementation 1 F2
ED 673 Portfolio Capstone 1 Sp2

Research Seminar & Field Experience: Principal (6 Credits)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
ED 665 Research Seminar & Field Experience I: Principal 2 Sp1
ED 667 Research Seminar & Field Experience II: Principal 2 Su
ED 668 Research Seminar & Field Experience III: Principal 2 F2

Note: This is a tentative schedule. Classes will be offered based on enrollment.

*F-Fall, Sp-Spring, Su-Summer; 1- Take in first year of program 2- Take in second year of program. *- First listing is the suggested time to take this course however; it is available more than once each year. You are responsible to keep informed of any changes in requirements, which may affect your academic career.

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