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Sped Template Additional Lic [Insert Program Name]

[Insert Program name here]

Graduate/Master's Level
Initial License

The [insert program] leading to Minnesota licensure is available to candidates who are seeking an initial Minnesota Teaching license (Tier 3) at the Graduate/Master's level. The license can be earned as a non-degree seeking option or as part of a Master of  Science: Special Education degree. A comprehensive transcript review will verify courses needed for Minnesota licensure requirements.

Standards of Effective Practice (18)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
ED 601 Foundations in Education & Lab 6 F
ED 602 Curriculum and Instruction for the Culturally Responsive Teacher & Lab 6 S
ED 603 Inclusive Pedagogical Theories & Practices & Lab 6 Su

Core Courses (23 Credits)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
SPED 530 Foundations in Mild to Moderate Disabilities 3 B
SPED 550 Curriculum Design and Implementation in Special Education 3 B
SPED 560 Positive Behavior Support in Special Education 3 B
SPED 570 Collaboration in Education B, Su
SPED 580 Procedural Safeguards in Special Education 3 B
ED 501 Children's Literature 2 B, Su
ED 502 Early Literacy and Linguistics & Lab⁑ 3 F
ED 504 Literacy Methods & Lab⁑            *Pre-Requisite: ED 502 3 S

[Insert emphasis] Emphasis Courses (21 Credits)

Courses Course Title Credit Semester
ECSE 622 ESCE Foundations 3 se
ESCE 632 Infants, Toddlers, and Families in ECSE 3 fe
ECSE 642 Programming for ECSE 3 seu
ECSE 652 Transitions in ECSE 3 se
ECSE 641 Assessment and Curriculum in ECSE & Lab 4 fe
ECSE 682 Student Teaching: Initial Licensing B-3, 3-6 6 Every
ECSE 692 Teacher Licensure (Taken with Student Teaching) 0 Every

F= Fall, S = Spring, B = Both, Su = Summer, fe = Fall Even, se = Spring Even, sue = Summer Even
⁑ Courses that meet Reading Standards: Includes MN Dyslexia Standards. If equivalent courses are transferred in, the candidate will need to provide evidence of meeting the MN Dyslexia Standards or take ED 296 for one credit.

Master’s degree will require Research courses: SPED 625, 626, and 627 offered in two
sequence options: Fall, Spring, Spring OR Spring, Summer, Spring

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