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Letter of Intent

The easiest format to follow for a personal statement is 1) introduce yourself, your theme, and why you want to attend graduate school, 2) talk about the school and program you’re applying for and why you feel it’s a good fit, and 3) tie it together and conclude. 

Tips to remember:

  • Choose a theme. Choose something that is important to you or has some significance and carry it throughout your personal statement (ie. Passion for learning, love of reading, interest in international affairs, volunteer work)
  • Use examples. No one wants a list of accomplishments or work experiences you’ve had. Give specific examples that demonstrate your strengths and what point you’re trying to make.
  • Ask for help. Ask your parents, friends, and definitely professors for ideas and themes. They often see strengths and skills you overlook, so they may have a better idea that can help you get started. Also ask them to read over your personal statement. The more people who read it, the more feedback you will receive and the better your personal statement will be.
  • Be yourself. The admissions committee wants to know you, not someone you think they want to know. Avoid clicheés. Be personal and use your own experiences. Don’t lie about things you’ve done or skills you have because eventually you’ll have to prove these whether it’s in the classroom, as a graduate or teaching assistant, or at an internship.


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