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Special Education Director

If you're passionate about empowering students with diverse learning profiles and are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable educational system, becoming a Special Education Director is an ideal path to make a lasting and meaningful difference. Through our Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL) program you will be able to gain the necessary experience and knowledge needed to successfully manage special education programs in K-12 institutions. The special education director’s licensure may be attained in addition to, or independent of, the principal’s license.

If you already have a MN principal’s license, or are in the EDAL program to obtain your principal certificate, the special education director’s certificate is earned with an additional 3-credit course and 6 credits of special education director’s field experience.

If you do not have a principal’s license but would like to receive your special education director certificate it entails completing the 36-credit Educational Administration and Leadership program with an emphasis in special education director.

For more information on the curriculum please check out the course descriptions located in the  academic catalog.

To learn more about the application and financial aid process visit  frequently asked questions. 

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