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TESL Licensure

Is TESL for you?

Did you know that there are approximately 23 languages spoken in the Marshall school district?

Did you know that Teaching English as a Second Language is one of the fastest growing areas of education?

TESL might be a great choice for you as:

...a teacher seeking quality professional development and/or best practices for teaching English learners.
...a teacher candidate seeking to become highly employable and to meet the needs of all students in today's diverse classrooms.
...a learner as well as a teacher, welcoming the many languages and cultures that your students share with you.

About the program:

  • The TESL Licensure Program will prepare you to teach the English learners in your classroom.
  • The K-12 TESL Licensure is available in three options:
    • As a bachelor's degree
    • As an additional license to any existing teaching license, at either the undergraduate or graduate level
    • As an emphasis area on a master's degree in education
  • The TESL licensure program consists of 8 courses and a practicum experience. They are offered in an online and hybrid format. The total credits needed for the program is 27.
  • As a part of the MN Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) requirements, students will need to take and pass the MTLE for the English as a second language teacher (K-12). Students will also create and present a LiveText portfolio based on the WIDA standards.

Meet the Professors:

Dr. Sonya Vierstraete
She is an SMSU Associate Professor of Education and has MN licensures in: K-12 TESL, K-12 Reading Specialist, K-12 Ed Administration, K-6 ELED, and 7-12 Coaching.

Crystal DeVore
She graduated from SMSU in 2004 with a BS in elementary ed, concentration in social sciences, and a French minor. She earned both her TESL licensure and Masters in TESL from Hamline University.

Sarah Smith
She graduated from SMSU in 2006 with a BA in Spanish and political science. She attained a Master of Arts in Education and a K-12 Spanish Education Licensure in 2009.

Kristi Wiese
She graduated from SMSU in 2000 with a BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in reading. She earned a TESL licensure from Hamline University, as well as a master's with K-12 Reading licensure from SMSU in 2011.

Molly Scheidt
Graduated from SDSU in 2010 with a BS in Food and Nutritional Science and 2012 with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.  She graduated from SMSU in 2016 with a Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language.  She is currently working on her Education Leadership, K - 12 Principal, license from MSU - Moorhead.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Sonya Vierstraete

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