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Student Testimonials

Andrea Bibeau, Pengilly, MN -has AA, earning ECSE, (Bachelor's degree)  

"Working and raising a family, then add college classes to the mix; that is my life. I am thankful for SMSU and how they worked with me every step of the way to reach my education goal." 


Katie Gogo, St. Paul, MN - earning ASD-previously a Spanish Teacher (Graduate)

"As I move into the last semester of my master's degree, I am reflecting on the journey I have taken.  It has been a rollercoaster and I have learned so much.  I feel more knowledgeable and ready to pursue my dreams thanks to the faculty at SMSU." 


Melynda Jackson, Jaynesville, MN -earning an LD & ABS (Grad)

"If it wasn't for SMSU's online programs I never would have gone back to school as the traditional college model would never have worked for my family especially when we went through the deployment. 

Jennifer Peterschick-Hand, Randall, MN -ABS ​(UG & Grad)

"My experience at SMSU has been amazing! As a non-traditional student, mother, wife, and educational learning coach for my daughter, the ability to return to college 16 years after completing my first bachelor’s degree to pursue a second bachelor’s and master’s degree in special education from SMSU strictly by taking online courses without having to leave the safety and comfort of my home during this very trying time has been a God send for me and my family!"



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