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Graduate Assistant Information

Are you interested in having your tuition waived?  Do you want to get paid to attend classes?  It is possible!  The Graduate Assistant positions that are available throughout campus allow you to do this.  But first, there are a few things you should know.  Below you will find a few highlights, but make sure to check out Business Services for a complete list.

  • To be eligible for the Graduate Assistantship, you must hold a bachelor's degree, be accepted into the SMSU graduate program, and must continue to meet minimum requirements.
  • GA's will receive free credits; however, students are still responsible for the fees and other charges.  Students beginning in the fall semester will receive 18 credit hours of free graduate tuition during a year beginning in the fall and ends in the summer session.
  • GA's will be compensated for their time.
  • For more information refer to the Graduate Assistant Appointment Procedure.

Be sure to fill out a printable application or a fillable application and send to the department in which you are interested in applying. Visit the GA CONTACTS page for a list of available graduate assistant positions, status (filled or open), and the hiring contact for each of the GA positions on campus.

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