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Some students struggle with course attendance due to the impact of their disability.  Accessibility Services may provide advocacy in this area if appropriate.

Class attendance policies are not determined by Accessibility Services.  Because attendance may be integral to the pedagogic process, these policies are set by the faculty at the college, department or individual level.

In some cases attendance is fundamental to course objectives; for example, students may be required to interact with others in class, to demonstrate the ability to think and argue critically, or to participate in group projects.  In other instances, faculty may determine that students can master course content despite some or many absences.  Rarely do faculty decide that students do not need to attend class at all.

Similarly, faculty also determine policies regarding make-up work and missed quizzes and exams. Faculty are not required to lower or effect substantial modifications of standards for accommodation purposes.  Attendance leniency may be reasonable in some situations for students with disabilities but the number of absences should not jeopardize the academic integrity or purpose of the course.

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