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Alternative Testing

Accessibility Services appreciates your collaboration with alternative testing. Alternative testing arrangements are provided through Accessibility Services for eligible students with documented disabilities. The specific accommodation is dependent on the functional limitation of the disability and may include:  distraction free environment, extended time, reader, scribe, computer use.  The Alternative Testing procedure and the role of the faculty with provision of this accommodation is described here: 

Initial Process

Students who have documented disabilities are educated about this process in their initial engagement with Accessibility Services. 

  1. Students can either access the Alternative Testing Request from the Accessibility Services website or they request the document directly from Accessibility Services.
  2. Upon filling out the top of the request form, the student returns it to Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services will forward the request to the faculty, who are asked to complete the second half of the form.  This agreement includes information on the amount of time for exams and quizzes, if calculators are allowed, if testing sheets are needed, whether or not notes or books can be used and how the test will delivered to Accessibility Services. 
  3. After completion of the request, Accessibility Services will add the scheduled testing date to both the student and the faculty calendar.

On-Going Process

  • Exams should be scheduled at least 3 days prior to the exam date. Exceptions will be made to this 3 school day notification rule only if an upcoming quiz/exam is announced by the professor with less than 3 school day notice. 
  • Tests are administered Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 3:00. Students schedule exams at the same time the class is taking the exam.  Exceptions to this may include:
    • For courses which are offered late in the day/evening hours, students should consult with the professor an acceptable time to take the exam between 8:00 – 3:00.
    • If students have classes which run back- to back and are eligible for a time extension, they may adjust the testing schedule accordingly; with the support of the professor.
  • On the exam date, students should arrive in Accessibility Services (BA 246) and be prepared to complete the exam.
Completed exams are either delivered back to the professor on the same day of the exam or immediately the following school day if the department is closed or the faculty member has left for the day. If faculty prefer, they can also pick the exams up from Accessibility Services or request they be slid under their office door.

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