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What is a Notetaker

Accessibility Services Notetakers

Accessibility Services coordinates a notetaker program for qualified students who have requested and have been approved for this support service (i.e. students with hearing loss, learning disabilities, attention disorders, physical limitations, etc.).  The notetaking program is designed to ensure that students have equal access and are note at an academic disadvantage. Notetaking services also meet the requirements of both federal law and the Southwest Minnesota State University policy for qualified students.

A notetaker is a student who volunteers to make copies of their own class lecture notes and provides them to the qualified student. To be a notetaker you must be enrolled in the class for which the request for a notetaker was placed.

Serving as a notetaker is a great opportunity for you to gain volunteer experience for an academic program or major and add to your resume.  Notetakers also get early access to registration. 

If you are interested in being a notetaker, please contact Accessibility Services at 507-537-6492.

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