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Accessibility Parking and Transportation

Accessibility Parking

Accessibility parking is no a special privilege, but a necessity.  The spaces are needed to give people with mobility limitations the same opportunities to use public or private facilities as people who do not have disabilities.

Possess a government issued accessibility dashboard certificate or vehicle plate?

If you already possess a government issued accessibility (a.k.a. handicap) dashboard certificate or vehicle plate, you will also have to purchase a Southwest Minnesota State University parking pass.  Parking passes help to cover costs of snow removal, pothole repairs, lighting, etc.

Parking Eligibility

Accessibility permit holders are eligible to park in any SMSU parking stall, including disability stall. 

Temporary Accessibility Parking Permits

With SMSU’s temporary accessibility permit you can park in any of the University’s accessible stalls. 

  1. Go to Public Safety Department (Founders Hall 108 First Floor)
  2. Provide them with supporting documentation about the disability from a physician
  3. University Public Safety will issue you a temporary accessibility permit.
  4. The temporary accessibility permit is good for up to two weeks.

Those with University temporary permits are encouraged to file for a state accessibility permit. 

Accessibility parking at Southwest Minnesota State University is managed through Department of Public Safety. 

Because some people cannot walk, or because of a visible or hidden impairment makes walking difficult or hazardous, people with disabilities are at a disadvantage. This is particularly true in winter if accessibility parking is not provided or is left obstructed.

Accessibility parking spaces also provide extra space for people in wheelchairs when getting in and out of a vehicle. 

Accessibility Transportation

United Community Action Partnership -

Community Transit of United Community Action Partnership is a public transit services providing transportation options for all people of Southwest Minnesota.  Everyone is welcome to ride Community Transit.  They have a fleet of 40 lift- accessible buses that provide public transportation throughout 8 counties in SW Minnesota. 

Southwestern Center for Independent Living - 

SWCIL is dedicated to working with and responding to the ever-changing needs of persons with disabilities in Southwest Minnesota.  They work to promote societal acceptance, inclusion, and equal access for all. 

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