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About Residential Life

Our residential program is based on the belief that a student's life outside the classroom is a meaningful and important part of the total collegiate experience and that living on campus should facilitate and enhance the student's educational opportunities. Our program is therefore designed to provide a variety of experiences, opportunities, activities and services within an environment intended to facilitate meeting your physical, emotional, and intellectual needs as students while challenging you to grow as an individual.

The residence halls are meant to be an integral part of your education. In addition to providing housing facilities which enable you to meet your educational objectives, social and educational programs are offered within your house designed to supplement and stimulate your intellectual growth within the classroom and to assist in your personal growth beyond it. You also play a very large role in determining what other recreational and social activities occur in your house and complex. You have the opportunity to suggest, plan, and implement as many activities as your house funds and your energy allow. It is truly your involvement which helps your residence hall become your home. This program will only be as meaningful an experience, however, as you are willing to make it. We hope you choose to become actively involved in your house and campus activities.

The Department of Residence Life encourages all students to live on-campus. Research indicates that students who live in the residence halls are generally more successful and feel more connected with the University in general. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy your home away from home.

---The Department of Residence Life

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