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Living & Learning Communities

Our Living & Learning Communities enhance the overall resident experience by grouping students with similar interests in the same house. Living & Learning Communities are co-ed residential communities that share either an academic or a special interest with the residents of their house or floor.

The Access Opportunity Success

The Access Opportunity Success (AOS) Community is a community that focuses on first generation college students and the students living in this house have been formally accepted into the AOS program.  For more information about this program please contact Michele Knife Sterner at 507-537-7285.  The AOS Community is located in Selene* and Buckingham.

Agriculture House

Our Agriculture House opened in the Fall of 2016. The house is open to Ag-related majors and house programs will center on Agricultural themes. The Agriculture Community is located in Charisma.

The Culinology House

The Culinology House is for Culinology majors and those interested in learning more about the art of cooking food. The Culinology House is located in Clapper.*

Exercise Science House

The Exercise Science Living and Learning Community is located in Ocean Boulevard. The community offers a fun learning environment along with exercise equipment and tutoring sessions for courses in the major.

The Fine Arts Community

This house encompass English, Art, Music, Theatre, and Speech Communication. This is a great opportunity for students in these majors/minors to develop a strong academic support network. The Fine Arts Community is located in Lincoln Center.

Mustang Pathway

The Mustang Pathway Program is an alternate entry program to allow more students to earn their degree at SMSU.  The Mustang Pathway Program meets students where they are and helps them get on track to a degree.. The Mustang Pathways Community is located in Camaraderie.

House of Education

The "House of Education" is a Living & Learning Community designed to support aspiring educations interested in engaging in learning and teaching with campus colleagues.  The house programming provides opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, mentorship, leadership, and a focus on the future of education.  The Education community is located in Homestead.


*Accessible housing

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