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Summer Contract

Housing will be available during the summer for students enrolled in Summer Session courses or pre-registered for Fall Semester 2012.

Students will be housed in the Foundation Residence Apartments. Students will reside in 4-person, 3-person, or 2-person apartments. Roommates will be assigned by the Residence Life Office.

Sign up will be held Monday, April 2 through Friday, April 6, in the Residence Life Office in Naoutha. Students can drop a contract off at any time to sign up for summer housing, but if students have specific requests, a Residence Life office assistant will be available to discuss these requests between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during that week. A Summer Housing Contract must be completed and a $50 deposit is required. This deposit is applied to the first week of housing.

The cost is $125.00 per week, per student, or $1300.00 per student for the entire summer (note that residents not registered for Fall 2012 classes MUST move out by July 29, 2012). Students will not be allowed to contract for partial weeks and must contract for a minimum of two weeks to be eligible for our weekly summer housing rates. Students currently living in the residence halls will be able to stay immediately after the conclusion of Spring Semester, if they have contracted with us for that time period. The minimum payment is due on May 18, with half the remaining balance due on May 29 and the final payment due June 27. Please see the SMSU Business Services webpage for details and fees.

Apartment availability is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The Residence Life Office will process all applications received April 2 – April 6 by the date they were received. There will be a $35 late fee for anyone who turns in a Summer Housing Contract after April 6, 2012. After this date, students will be required to submit an $85 deposit with their Summer Housing Contract.

Move-in date and time will be determined after students’ assigned summer room is vacated and cleaned. The Residence Life Office will contact students when their room is ready. Students should be packed and ready to move. Students must be ready to move by Commencement Day, Saturday, May 5; however, the Residence Life Office will be moving students throughout the week after finals and until May 12, 2012.

The hours and availability of Food Services on a cash basis will be posted at a later date. The Summer Housing contract does not include a meal plan. The Residence Life Office highly recommends you read the contract in its entirety before signing up for summer housing. If you have any questions about the contract or summer housing, please contact us at (507) 537-6136 or through e-mail at or

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