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Culinology House

Culinology Living and Learning Community

culinology students

The Culinology Living & Learning Community began in the fall of 2008 and resides in Clapper.  This house is uniquely designed to support students in the Culinology Program.  The house features a fully operational commercial kitchen that has a gas range and stainless appliances.  This allows students to work on lab assignments in their house and provides the opportunity to create a community where residents can learn from each other.  Some of the programs that are offered in the house focus around the theme of food preparation, the business of food and the world of food.


For more information about the Culinology Program, please contact Dr. Joyce Hwang, Associate Professor in the Hospitality Management Program.  507-537-6462.

You must be a Culinology or Hospitality Management major to live in the Culinary Living & Learning Community.

How do I apply? Click on the box indicating your Learning Community Interest in your online housing application.

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