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Meal Plans

You must select a meal plan when you submit an online or paper housing application. Meal plan prices and configurations are subject to change. The current meal plans we offer are as follows:

14 Meal Plan
14 meals per week + $150 Dining Dollars per semester

10 Meal Plan
10 meals per week + $400 Dining Dollars per semester

19 Meal Plan
19 meals per week + $50 Dining Dollars per semester

$300 Dining Dollars
Limited to apartment residents only – Apartment residents must have at least the $300 Dining Dollars

Changes between meal plans will be allowed during the first and last two weeks of Fall semester and the first two weeks of Spring Semester. You are only allowed to change your meal plan once per semester. Changes may be made at the Mustang Card Center on the second floor of the Student Center, at the Residence Life office in Naoutha, or at the SMSU Campus Dining office on the first floor of the Student Center.

Super Plus Meal Plan (only available to sophomores, juniors or seniors)

Meals and Dining Dollars configured in any of the three following ways:

  • 110 Meals with $874 Dining Dollars
  • 85 Meals with $1,112 Dining Dollars
  • 0 Meals with $1,921 Dining Dollars

You are allowed to change from the Super Plus Meal Plan to another meal plan during the last two weeks of Fall Semester only. Students will be allowed to change their Super Plus configuration up to two times per semester. SMSU Campus Dining will determine and announce the dates when changes will be allowed.

Meal Plans and rates are subject to change. Current prices may be found here.

Visit the SMSU Dining Services website for more information.

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