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Appeal Process for Individual Room Charges

The Department of Residence Life makes every effort to ensure that your room is clean and in good condition upon your arrival.  Residents are asked to review and sign a Room Condition Inventory (RCI) of the condition of the room.  The RCI addresses the condition of walls, ceiling, floors, furnishings as well as windows.  In suites or the apartments the RCI will address appliances, shares spaces such as living room/kitchen and bathrooms.

Upon checking out, residents and our staff review the RCI again for any changes in the room condition.  The form is then forwarded to the professional staff to review the form and check the room and process the charges.

In the event that you received a bill from the university for charges and it is more than $20.00, you may appeal the charges if you believe your were incorrectly charged.  You have 10 business days from the notification's post-mark date to return the form to SMSU Residence Life.

Residence Life Damage Appeal Form

For more information or questions about your bill, please contact SMSU Residence Life at 507-537-6136.

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