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Campus Dining Questions

Is it possible to live in a residence hall and not have a meal plan?

All residents are required to carry a meal plan. For those students requiring a special diet, the SMSU Dining Services management staff is trained to assist with special requests. You may contact SMSU Dining Services in person by stopping in at their office located in SC 143 or by calling 507-537-7687.

Can I change my meal plan during the year?

Yes, you may! Meal plan changes for Fall Semester can be made through the first two full weeks of class. Meal plan changes for Spring Semester can be made two weeks prior to semester break through the first two full weeks of spring classes. You need to fill out a Meal Plan Change Form at the Mustang Card Center on the second floor of the Student Center.

Where do I eat and when?

Our full service dining room is located in the Residential Restaurant in the Student Center. As a residence hall student, you may eat in this facility with your board plan. The other dining facilities available to students are the Coffee House at SMSU, State Street Subs, the C-store, Mustang Express Zone and the Mustang Concession stands. Dining hours for all facilities are posted and provided to all residence hall students. Students who have class conflicts at any of these eating times may request a sack lunch in advance. If you are ill and unable to go eat, a roommate or friend may pick up a sick tray for you. You may also contact your RA to assist you.

What happens to the meals I do not use each week?

Meals not used during the week do not carry over into the next week, with the exception of the Super Plus meal portion.  (The Super Plus plan is only available to upperclassmen.)

What can I purchase with my Dining Dollars?

Many things! Everything from miscellaneous food items, to coffee, a smoothie, snacks and soda.  You are able to use your Dining Dollars at all SMSU Campus Dining locations.  It is very convenient!

What happens when I run out of meals? Can I purchase more Dining Dollars during the semester?

If all designated meals have been used up for the week/semester, Dining Dollars or cash can be used to purchase extra meals.

Yes, you can purchase additional Dining Dollars in $25 increments at any time, and they will be added to your card balance. You can purchase Dining Dollars through the Mustang Card Center on the second floor of the Student Center.

Are there places available in the Residence Halls to cook my own meals?

Yes, the house lounges contain kitchenette areas.  Kitchenettes include counter space, a range/oven, a sink, and a table with chairs. Every other house kitchenette is equipped with a microwave.

Are cooking utensils/pans available?

Yes, cooking equipment can be checked out for 24 hours at the Residence Life Office. Checkout is free to all residents with a Mustang ID.

What if I live in the Foundation Residence Apartments?

Yes, students living in the Foundation Residence Apartments may purchase any of the meal plan options available.  Students living in the Foundation Residence Apartments will be required to purchase a minimum Dining Dollar plan of $300.

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