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GM Complex

GM Complex is a Democracy Complex. Quiet hours begin at 10 p.m. until determined by the residents.

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Residence Halls in GM Complex:

Ocean Boulevard's Front Door

Ocean Boulevard


Room Set-up Options

Residents have three basic options for the set-up of their room: Standard, Bunked, or Lofted.

Standard set up A standard room set up includes both beds on the floor. This option does not cost anything and you don't need to notify the Residence Life Office.

bunked set up A bunked room set up is the option to bunk your bed with your roommate. You and your roommate will both need to request bunked beds in order to process the request. The bunk option is $25 per semester per roommate. Contact the Residence Life Office by August 1 to reserve a bunked set-up.

SMSU has partnered with College Products to provide safe and reliable lofting units for residents to rent. If you are going to live in a traditional residence hall (not Sweetland), you will need to order a loft kit through College Products. You can also rent futons, rugs, sheets, and a Refrigerator/Freezer/Microwave unit from College Products.

Go to today to order your loft kit before August 1st.

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How to set up a traditional loft

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