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About the SMSU Writing Center

Located in BA 527, the SMSU Writing Center helps undergraduate and graduate writers throughout various stages of writing and all disciplines.

Our goal is to help you become a more independent and successful writer. During an appointment, we will talk about your goals for your writing and what areas you want the most help with. This allows the tutor to individualize your appointment. We can help writers learn more about different aspects of writing, whether that’s organization or grammar and citation.

What Can We Do For You?

No matter the subject of your paper or the area of study, our tutors can help you to make your papers more successful. This means that the paper doesn’t need to be an assignment for an English class for you to visit the Writing Center. You can schedule an appointment for assignments in classes like education, nursing, justice administration, or history, too. That being said, the paper doesn’t need to be for a class at all! Some students visit the Writing Center for help with their graduate school application essays or their resumes.

The Writing Center can help you with the creation of your papers at any stage of the writing process. Whether you’ve just been assigned the project and need help brainstorming topic ideas or you’re almost ready to submit the assignment, our tutors are able to assist you with your projects. Some of the specific ways we can help is by showing you how to incorporate secondary and primary research, revise document structure or content, and compose citations. 

If you have been assigned a group paper, we would be happy to meet with your group members on an individual or group basis.

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