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Videos on different aspects of the writing process

Some students prefer to learn through videos. For those learners, we have included some of our favorite educational YouTube videos that elaborate on different aspects of the writing process. 

  • The writing process – This video by Lincoln Learning Solutions walks the viewer through the writing process. If you feel stuck with your writing and aren’t sure where to go next, then this video could help you get back on track.
  • Thesis statements – This video by Scribbr quickly breaks down the elements of different types of thesis statements and summarizes why they are important to include in your paper.
  • Point of view – This video by Khan Academy is directed more towards reading stories, but it can also be applied to your writing! This video can clear up what distinguishes different points of view from each other.
  • Online Textbook – This online textbook was developed for SMSU’s Writing in Professions course. It includes videos that discuss aspects of writing, reading, researching, documenting, and other trends in specific disciplines.

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