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What kinds of services does the Writing Center offer?
The Writing Center, which is supported by the English department, is a free peer-centered/peer-guided service that offers student-to-student help to writers. You may use our services face-to-face or online.

When is the Writing Center open and where is it located?
We are in BA 527 (library 5th floor). Visit our online appointment scheduler to see our hours. Here’s the link to our online schedule:

Does a student have to schedule an appointment? If so, how?
We highly recommend that students schedule appointments by using our online scheduler. For directions on how to use the scheduler, visit this link: How to Make a Face-to-Face Appointment.

Does a tutor work side-by-side with a student or does the student drop off the paper to be reviewed?
For face-to-face appointments, students work side-by-side with the tutor. For online appointments that are not set up as a chat, students upload their papers for review when they make the appointment.

Who are the tutors?
Our tutors are mostly juniors and seniors who have taken a training course. Tutors from all majors are welcomed.

Which type of appointment is the most helpful to most students?
Face-to-face are the best appointments because we like to talk with students and ask questions to figure out what you already know and how we can help. Online appointments where you give us the paper are less helpful to you, mostly because we cannot ask you questions.

Do I have to make an appointment?
We try to schedule to the needs of the university, with more or fewer tutors available based on semester class offerings. Students are welcome to drop-in to the center, but it would be a good idea to check the online scheduler first to make sure the center is staffed before visiting. Here’s the link to our online schedule:

How will the writing center benefit me as a student?
Overall, the writing center can help you become more comfortable with writing. For example, tutors can guide you if you need help coming up with an idea or brainstorming, if you need feedback on structure or organization, if you would like a reader's response to a completed draft, or if you are experiencing problems with grammar and mechanics.

What is the best part of the writing center at SMSU?
Students have FREE access to highly trained tutors.

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