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Metro ECSU Initiative and 18 Online

The following two initiatives were developed as a result of state legislative efforts to reduce or eliminate the cost to concurrent enrollment teachers pursuing graduate coursework within their discipline.

Metro ECSU

Metro ECSU is the fiscal host of monies appropriated for a collaborative initiative servicing Southeast, South Central, Southwest West Central, Resource Training and Solutions, NJPA, and Northeast cooperative regions in partnership with higher education institutes around the state.  Within this program, approved instructors from participating districts can receive a tuition scholarship for up to $300 per credit at participating higher education institutes.  SMSU has qualified as a participating institution in the disciplines of Business, English, and Mathematics.   For a complete listing of all participating institutions and disciplines offered through the initiative, visit the Metro ECSU Statewide Partnership for Concurrent Enrollment website or contact Angela Skrade at

For further information regarding SMSU graduate offerings, visit the SMSU Graduate Studies website or contact CoriAnn Dahlager at

18 Online

A collaborative initiative between Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Northwest Service Cooperative, Minnesota State University - Moorhead.  This program provides graduate credits in various disciplines to concurrent enrollment teachers within the Northwest Regional Partnership continuing education program.  Courses are made available to concurrent enrollment teachers outside the partnership as seats are available.

For further information regarding the 18 Online program, visit the 18 Online website or contact Josh Nelson at

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