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College Now Teachers FAQs

Q. How do I request a College Now course?
A. Contact the Director of College Now to discuss openings and procedures for starting College Now courses. 

Q. Where can I get textbooks?
A. You can order them through the campus bookstore (507-337-1450) or through your own distributor. Just be sure it is an approved text that your supervising professor requires.

Q. Is it really necessary to request a course in April for the following year?
A. Yes. New teachers application are due by the end of February and if approved, course requests are due in April We use the proposed course requests to determine the number of faculty we need to arrange for the following year. We also use it verify that all teachers are certified and approved well in advance of the start of the course.

Q. My high school is on an alternative schedule (trimester or block for example), what corresponding SMSU semester should I follow?
A. If your class starts during the SMSU fall semester, register the class for fall semester.

Q. What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?
A. Dropping a course means the course will not be recorded on the student's transcript nor will there be a charge for the course. Withdrawing from a course results in the course being recorded on the students’ transcript with a “W” (withdrawal) grade entered,  and the school is billed for the entire course. Please keep in mind that due to recent changes in federal financial aid requirements that students must complete at least 60% of the courses they attempt, a “W” may count against them. When they ultimately attend college, withdrawing from a College Now course may have ramifications in their financial aid.

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