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High School Teacher Responsibilities

The High School Teacher will—

  • Ensure that course content meets SMSU requirements as listed in the course syllabus provided by the mentoring professor.
  • Attend on-campus SMSU course workshops as offered. Attendance is taken at these events; excessive absence may result in a change of approval status and possible separation from the program.
  • Work closely with SMSU mentoring professor to maintain college course environments and standards in the classroom.
  • Ensure lab / classroom facilities are adequate for the specific course.
  • Maintain historical files of course syllabus, exams, grades, etc. used during the teaching of the course.
  • Verify and maintain accurate high school and college student enrollment. Class rosters must be accurate within the first three class periods (see calendar), if not they must notify Registration of any changes.
  • Log into e-services and verify the roster immediately after students have successfully registered and confirm with your high school liaison that rosters are correct.
  • Submit grading suggestions to the course’s SMSU mentoring professor with a copy to high school liaison immediately following the end of the course.
  • Conduct and complete all student surveys related to College Now. The survey link can be found under "Documents, Forms, & Surveys"

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