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Carousel of Testimonials Component

What is the Carousel of Testimonials Component

Carousel of Testimonials in the instance of Cascade CMS is a carousel that cycles through a list of testimonials in a content section on a page.

insert carousel of testimonials component


Prior to adding a testimonial carousel to a page the testimonial content blocks need to be created in Cascade first. In order to create a testimonial content block click "Add Content" > "Create a Content Block" > "Testimonial".

  1. add content
  2. create a content block menu
  3. create a testimonial content block

How to add a Carousel of Testimonials to a webpage

In order to add a "Carousel of Testimonials" component to a page select the "Carousel of Testimonials" column type in the page builder of the Cascade CMS page edit modal.

select carousel of testimonials component

Then add the testimonial content block(s) to the block chooser that you would like to add to the page. The testimonial content blocks are located in this folder: "/_testimonials"


As an Ag Educator you teach a wide variety of classes; no day is the same and that’s the reason I love it.
Meghan Beckendorf
Meghan Beckendorf,

I would like to thank the donors of this scholarship for helping me attain my dream of becoming a social worker. Scholarships, like this one, make my dreams possible. In my future career, I will remember all the people who made it possible for me to attend college and try to give back to the community that helped me achieve my dream. Again, I thank you for offering me this scholarship; I feel honored for the opportunity you have given me.

Cynthia Winch
Cynthia Winch, Social Work Major

To the donor of this scholarship, I say thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to better myself while here at college. Your selflessness is going towards something great. The generosity of your gift is very much appreciated, and I am very lucky to be in this position. Thank you again!

Nye Becker
Nye Becker, Agribusiness Management Major

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