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Design Tips

Designing a website within the SMSU template can be fun but also a big challenge for some. The goal of this page is to share some tips & tricks for how to get the most out of the SMSU website template.

When working in the template, the editable area where you can place content will be referred to as your work space in this article.


The maximum width of your work space is 1110px without a sidebar. That means, when placing an image, the max-width that you want to use would be 1110px. When adding an image in Cascade, choose the class img-fluid if you want the image to span the full width of the work space.

Images can be cropped in any form of graphic editor. An online based utility called ChromaPad is a great, on-the-go solution which allows you to upload your image, crop or resize it and save it to your computer for use on the SMSU website. While SMSU Web Office is not related to this product at all, we can not support it beyond giving you a few steps to crop and resize a photo.


The colors used to make the SMSU brown & gold template.

Website Template color HEX values
Color Name Hex Value
Primary Gold #BCAA71
Secondary Gold #BCA971
Darker Primary Gold #665939
Primary Brown #3A1807
Secondary Brown #612e10
Primary Tan #E3DCCF
Primary Yellow #FFFEED
Primary Green #568B2D
Primary Navy #043657
Primary Blue #00A7DF
Primary Purple #543092
Primary Orange #B84C22
Primary Teal #00685D
Primary Red #C9302C

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