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SMSU Today RSS Feed

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, in other words, it is a method used for online media to publish frequently updated areas of their website. In most cases, RSS feeds are used for blogs, news websites, web stores, etc.

SMSU Today generates an RSS Feed of its latest SMSU Info articles. We do this to help you stay current with campus happenings and also to help you replace the SMSU Info emails.

Getting Updated with SMSU Today RSS Feed

With such technology these days, there are multiple platforms to access RSS Feeds. All a user needs is the right application to access RSS Feeds.

A fine example of these applications would be Flipboard and Pulse for the iPhone and iPad or Google Currents and Feedly for Android devices. All the user has to do to get SMSU Today RSS Feed on the selected application is to search and select SMSU Today.

An alternative would be to enter the following URL to the application search bar.

The user can use Microsoft Outlook on your personal computer to view RSS feeds. The easiest way to add it to outlook is to simply right click on the RSS Feed on Outlook.

Outlook RSS

In the menu that appears when you right click, choose Add a New RSS Feed... and in the box that comes up, paste this address in

Choose OK and then Yes and the RSS Feed has been successfully added!

Outlook Feed

Outlook will then display SMSU Info articles in the RSS Feeds section of your mailbox and it will treat them like Email messages so you can view them, mark them as unread, forward them, etc. Also within each SMSU Info email you can click on View article... located on the bottom of each message, which will take you to the actual SMSU Today page.

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