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In this article, we will show you how to submit an article to SMSU Info.

 Submitting an Article to SMSU Info

On the SMSU Today page, click the "Submit SMSU Info" icon.

SMSU Info Step 1


A pop up will appear that allows you to enter your information in related white spaces provided.

SMSU Info Step 2

Fill out the following form, remembering a few basic tips:

  • Enter the title of the article
  • Enter the date in the format shown
  • Double check your spelling and proof-read the article before submitting
  • DO NOT include your name OR e-mail address in the bottom of the article; there are appropriate spaces for that information in the next section of the form
  • Select a Category for your article

SMSU Info Step 3

Click the 'Submit' button.

If you happen to miss a section, the information would not be submitted and you would have to fill in all the required areas to submit your article.

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